Morgan Saylor: “Selfie” Pics Are Weird

Morgan Saylor – who plays Dana on Homeland – says she thinks taking ‘selfies’ are weird. In her interview with Vulture – the nearly 19-year-old actress opens up on her character in the series.

On her stance on selfies: “They’re weird! I feel like people look ugly in them. I don’t know; it’s not something I’m really a fan of. I do use FaceTime because I’m frequently isolated from friends and my boyfriend, so I get that. Dana does it because Leo’s in rehab and they can’t communicate, but it’s a weird way to bridge the gap. Yeah, it’s just weird.”

On preparing for her love scene in the upcoming season: “Not for that in particular. It’s funny. I happened to turn 18 at the end of last year, and I was a little worried that that might be heading my way. Sure enough, lo and behold: second episode. They didn’t waste any time, did they? But as you can tell, they were a little lenient. They didn’t make me go all out, which I greatly appreciated. The good part about it was we were working with the only female director we’ve ever had on the show, Lesli Linka Glatter. I’d worked with her before and it was really nice to have her on my side. I was much more comfortable talking about the scene and figuring out the details than I would have been with, say, a new male director. I feel very fortunate that … I mean, Showtime is obviously known to have more risqué TV, and I’m grateful it didn’t have to be too far.”

On playing Dana: “It’s easy to fall back into because I’ve played her for so long. But I think this season is a little different. She feels different to me. I have some happier, romantic scenes with Leo, and a little more versatility overall this year.”

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