Did Nick Jonas Hint At Band Troubles Weeks Ago?

Fans are still reeling from the announcement that the Jonas Brothers were cancelling their tour just two days before it was set to begin. The news seemed to come out of nowhere, but E! News is reporting that Nick Jonas may have hinted at band troubles recently.

In an interview with Men’s Fitness three weeks ago, Nick was asked about working with siblings Joe and Kevin and he replied, “The pro is that you have a really good support system. The con is that you are with the same people every day for a long time, which, if you’re a family or not, can be a lot at times.”

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Things seemed to be going to smoothly, though, since he was quick to add, “But we all have a good relationship and actually really enjoy our time together.” Also, a source did stress to E! News that the tour cancellation “isn’t about personal issues…this is about the music.”

But Nick did reveal some struggles they’ve had during their live shows. “My brother Joe forgets lyrics a little bit,” he said. “There have been a lot of times when I have had to help him out onstage. The fans know the words to every song, so they can kind of help as well.”

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