Joe Jonas Cancels Meeting With His Brothers

The mystery over the Jonas Brothers tour cancellation continues. While the official reason was a “disagreement over their music direction” and poor ticket sales weren’t to blame, no one seems to really know why Joe, Nick and Kevin decided to scrap their entire tour just days before it was to begin.

But it does seem like the “deep rift” that led to them cancelling their tour seems to be widening. According to E! News, the brothers were supposed to meet up in New York over the weekend to talk things over, but sources say Joe decided to bail on the meeting and stay in Los Angeles.

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Adding to the speculation are reports that Joe was spotted hanging out in L.A. with Mike Bayer, Demi Lovato‘s recovery manager. Demi has often praised Mike – the CEO and founder of the rehab facility Cast Recovery – and even set up a scholarship to help those with “mental health and addiction issues.”

Joe and Mike were seen leaving a meeting in West Hollywood together, but it’s unclear whether Mike has been assigned to the singer as his sober companion, or if the two are just friends.

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