Maria Mesa Brings Life To ‘The Dead Men’

Up-and-coming actress Maria Mesa has just finished the biggest role of her young career – filming the lead in the thriller The Dead Men. The 20-year-old stars opposite Twilight actor Jackson Rathbone and Rock Of Ages star Diego Boneto in the film that was shot on location in Columbia.

Maria talked exclusively with Celebrity Teen Scoop about her new movie, the bond she formed with costars Jackson and Diego and her feelings about filming in Columbia – her hometown.

Celebrity Teen Scoop: Tell us about your experience making The Dead Men.
Maria: Making The Dead Men was an incredible experience. Not only was it my first leading role but it was shot in Colombia, where I am from. I had the privilege of working with a great crew. They were always willing to help and brought positive energy to the set so we could have a great movie as a result.

CTS: How would you describe your character?
Maria: Melody is a tough girl, really smart. She knows what she wants in life but she has fear about what her family would think about her. She’s a lovable girl but won’t express it too much because she doesn’t want to get hurt. Melody loves to be out with friends, party and have a great time. She’s living life but with a goal and purpose, not in excess.

CTS: What was it like working with Jackson and Diego?
Maria: Jackson and Diego were a big inspiration for me. I never thought I’d be working with actors of their caliber in such a short time so I was a little anxious. But getting to know them and being around them every day while doing the movie made me more confident. They are so talented and such nice people. I learned a million things about them, as actors and as people.

Every time there was tension on set or something went wrong, Jackson would surprise us all with a joke or with a weird movement. Even when shooting, he would finish the scene or his line with something random and, believe it or not, it would work in the scene. It always made us all laugh. Sometimes, before or after filming, the crew would get together and start singing songs. Jackson, who is also a talented musician, would play his guitar and the rest of us would sing along. There was always a time or a moment to play, enjoy and have a great time on set.

CTS: What did the three of you do for fun during down time or on days off in Colombia?
Maria: In our free time we would go out to restaurants, spend time with the crew away from set, or just go around the city. Medellin is a beautiful area with enjoyable places.

CTS: Any other fun facts that fans would be interested in know about the film?
Maria: The Dead Men is a very interesting script that has nothing to do with what everyone thinks about Colombia. It is full of suspense, fun and love – a perfect and different teenage story.

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  5. Ashley

    1. It’s COLOMBIA, not Columbia.
    2. Colombia it’s a country, Maria’s hometown is Medellin, the city where most scenes of the film were filmed.
    3. The starring actor’s name is Diego Boneta, not Boneto.

    I know it’s a celebrity magazine, but still, you should pay attention to details like these ones.


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