Vanessa Hudgens: “Do What Scares You”

Vanessa Hudgens attended the premiere of her new film Gimme Shelter at the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis on Thursday (October 17). The movie tells the story of a pregnant teen (Vanessa) who struggles to survive on her own after escaping an abusive mother.

It’s a breakout role for Vanessa and a departure from her High School Musical days – a challenge she welcomes. “It’s growth. It’s pushing yourself to your limits and doing what scares you,” she told the IndyStar. “I think that’s the most important thing you can do as an actor, doing something that scares you. I’ve wanted something like this for a while. I wanted something really heavy that I could sink my teeth into.”

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The 24-year-old says she had an immediate attraction to the story. “It was a script that was kind of floating around that my agents brought to my attention. I remember giving it a read, and just automatically knew I had to be a part of this project,” she said.

“I remember my agents being a little curious as to why I was so passionate about pursuing this,” Vanessa continued. “I knew from the very beginning that I could do this, and I would transform myself and it would be a groundbreaking moment for me to be able to change myself. I’ve always been a gut person, so when something is speaking to me, that’s all I really listen to.

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