Siva Kaneswaran Weighs In On Ariana Grande/Nathan Sykes Romance

When it comes to romance, everyone loves to give advice. That’s true for The Wanted‘s Siva Kaneswaran, who has some words of wisdom for his bandmate Nathan Sykes and his new girlfriend Ariana Grande.

“In terms of them struggling – it’s because they’re brand new. I think that’s actually a struggle right now, they know how hard it is in the beginning.” Siva tells Yahoo OMG. “It’s going to be hard, they need to focus on each other.”

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“I know all the shortcuts now, but they’ll have to learn all that. I’ve been with my girlfriend for six years now and we’re really, really happy,” Siva said, referring to longtime love Nareesha McCaffrey. “We’ve sorted out priorities out. Every relationship’s different, we just have to keep it consistent.”

In an episode of The Wanted Life earlier this year, Siva hinted at some problems between him and the band that had arisen because of his relationship. “Living with them and being with them for all of these years has made me see that we’re growing up in different ways,” he said. “Some of them are still stuck in their teenage years.”

“Sometimes I feel torn between time with my girlfriend and time with the boys, ” Siva admitted.

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