Hailee Steinfeld Gears Up For ‘Ender’s Game’

Hailee Steinfeld is gearing up for the November 1 release of Ender’s Game. She posted a photo via Twitter with the caption: “We’re getting closer… #EnderGame.”

The 16-year-old spoke about preparing for her role as outcast Petra Arkanian to Marie Claire.  She said, “We went to a military boot camp and a space camp in Alabama. It was the most physical training I have ever done to prepare for a role. We would have competitions between me and the guys.”

A fashionista – the teen also shared to the mag her first Chanel piece.

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“I wore a pair of black patent leather, steel-toe boots to a Chanel dinner in L.A. last October, and I actually got to keep them. They are a prized possession.”

Steinfeld even visited Coco Chanel’s apartment.

She revealed, “I visited her apartment a few months ago when I was filming Three Days to Kill [out February 14] in Paris. She had two of everything, and it was all so perfectly placed. I came home and redid my room with memories of that in my mind.”

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