Nolan Gould: I’m Not Worried About Growing Up In The Limelight

Modern Family’s Nolan Gould was a presenter at Hub Network’s First Annual Halloween Bash on Sunday (October 20). The actor showed up on the purple carpet sporting a polka dot bow tie and a black cardigan with his initial.  The show will air on October 26th on the Hub channel. Saturday Night Live’s Kenan Thompson is the host and Martha Stewart is the head judge.

Other presenters were Bailee Madison, Rico Rodriguez, Keean Johnson and Todd Newton. Celebrity Teen Scoop recently recently caught up with Nolan to chat about the event and his role as Luke Dunphy in Modern Family.

CTS: You will present at Hub Network’s First Annual Halloween Bash on October 26th. Could you tell us more about the event? How did you get involved?

NG: Hub’s First Annual Halloween Bash gives out awards to the best costumes from across the nation. One costume contest winner from every state will be flown to Los Angeles to participate and one will win $25000. I got involved with the Hub network a couple of years ago when I guest starred on an episode of the Haunting Hour and they invited me to present one of the awards.

CTS: At the event, you will be with other stars like Bailee Madison, Coco Jones, and Hal Sparks. Have you ever met them before?

NG: Yes! I have met many of the other young performers that will be attending. I’m good friends with a lot of them. It will be a lot of fun to all get together for this event.

CTS: One lucky winner will take home $25,000 and have a chance at a walk-on role on the Hub Network’s Daytime Emmy® Award-winning series, “R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series.” If you won $25,000 – what would you do with the money?

NG: Well I’m getting ready to drive soon so I would probably put that money towards a car. I’m also in college right now so that could help with my tuition.

CTS: What do you plan to do for Halloween this year?

NG: I’m dressing up with some of my friends and going to a Halloween party. Also I plan on eating a lot of candy!

CTS: You star as Luke Dunphy on the comedy series Modern Family.  It’s such an amazing cast!  Have you become like family?  Do you hang out with some of the other younger cast members like Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter off camera as well?

NG: Yes! We are like a giant family on the set. Julie and Ty are just like another set of parents while my TV siblings Sarah and Ariel are just like sisters to me. We like to get on each other’s nerves but they’re always there for me when I need things like advice on girls.

CTS: You have an upcoming Modern Family fan appreciation night birthday party on October 28th. Could you tell us more about it?

NG: USA network is throwing a fan appreciation night for Modern Family. We’ll be taking pictures and meeting some of the fans that have gotten us to where we are. We’re also reading one of our new scripts live for everyone to watch. It also happens to fall right on my birthday, so maybe there will be a little birthday surprise?

CTS: You also worked with Justin Timberlake on the film Friends With Benefits. What was it like working with him?

NG:  Working with Justin Timberlake was so awesome. He was such a great guy and made it a really fun experience on set with our secret handshakes and ongoing jokes. I remember one time when we were waiting on set and he just broke out rapping about words that rhyme with my name. I had such a good time!

CTS: How did you get into acting?

NG: I got into acting at a very young age through a community theatre in Georgia. I liked being up on stage and entertaining people even if I was standing in the background and fake falling to make people laugh. There wasn’t many opportunities for acting there though, so I didn’t get into movies and TV until I moved to Los Angeles.

CTS: What do you like to do for fun?

NG: I have so many interests that my mind just goes constantly back and forth between things. I like anything outdoors; hiking, kayaking, camping. I also play a lot of different instruments including banjo, sitar, and double bass. I also do parkour, surf, and anything dangerous.

CTS: What are some of your favorite TV shows?  Favorite music?

NG: My favorite TV shows are Breaking Bad, the Walking Dead, and Mythbusters. Most of my favorite music is indie bands but I really like Imagine Dragons and Mumford and Sons.

CTS: Some young actors have had a difficult time adjusting to living in the limelight.  Are you worried about that at all?  What or who keeps you grounded?

NG:  I’m not so much worried about growing up in the spotlight but it is something that I have to pay attention to. A lot of problems come with being an actor, such as getting arrogant or having bad things said about you on the internet, but I take care of these by having a life outside the business. I have friends, family, and other interests that I can always fall back on.

CTS: What is up next for you? Any exciting projects to share?

NG: Right now we’re working on the 5th season of Modern Family! We love working on the show and entertaining people every week. I can’t shoot any projects while I’m working, but I did work on a movie over the summer that will be coming out soon.

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