Taylor Swift Filming “Emotional Scenes” In Cape Town

Taylor Swift has been in Cape town, South Africa filming The Giver. Producer Nikki Silver posted a photo of Taylor last Friday and wrote: “Emotional scenes today by @taylorswift13 @TheJeffBridges @brentonthwaites! Great having the whole Giver family together. @thegivermovie”

According to E! News – Swift wears a dark wig for her role. The Giver also stars Katie Holmes, Jeff Bridges, Brenton Thwaites, Meryl Streep, Alexander Skarsgard and Cameron Monaghan.

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In music news her new tune Sweeter Than Fiction from the British film One Chance was just released. The story is about Paul Potts who went from working as a store clerk to winning Britian’s Got Talent. Simon Cowell is the producer of the film which comes out on October 25 in the U.K.

Meanwhile Swift has been working on her next album.

She recently said, “I think the goal for the next album is to continue to change, and never change in the same way twice. How do I write these figurative diary entries in ways that I’ve never written them before and to a sonic backdrop that I’ve never explored before?”

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