Bella Thorne Wants To Collaborate With Lil Wayne

The popular Disney series Shake It Up is coming to an end in November, but star Bella Thorne already has plans for her life after the last episode airs. She’s currently filming the feature Big Sky, and also has another movie, Home Invasion coming up in the next few months. As for her musical career, JustJaredJr. recently asked her who her dream collaborator would be.

Lil Wayne,” Bella answered. “If I could even meet Lil Wayne, I’m not a person to be starstruck, but I know, for sure, I would not be able to speak.”

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But when asked who has inspired her most as an artist, the 16-year-old had someone else in mind. “I would say, mostly Katy Perry. Like Katy, I just never sang before my show, so I never thought I would ever sing or even could sing,” Bella said.

“The fact that, you know, not everybody is born with an amazing voice, but if you work on it hard enough, you’ll get there. I’m with her vocal coach actually, so it’s really inspiring to hear stories about her and it just makes me think, well if she has such an amazing voice and she’s truly worked on it, then that means, I can achieve it too.”

You can read more of Bella’s interview here.

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