Chris Colfer: “I’m A Sexy R2D2”

Glee’s Chris Colfer dressed up Star Wars style this weekend. He shared a couple of snapshots via Instagram of his costume.

He wrote: “This year for Halloween I decided to go as a character whose sex appeal is always ignored…I’m Sexy R2D2!”

Another caption reads: “Two droids and a wookie. #happyhalloween”

According to – Chris appeared on The Queen Latifah Show on October 28 and talked about Glee ending in the Spring of 2015.

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He said, “I think we’re good. I think we’ve known for a while that would probably be the final season for it. The show’s just done so much for so many people that I think it’s okay to conclude. I think it’s good. Especially after the character and the thing’s that I’ve gotten to do on the show, I feel very, very fulfilled.”

Being on the show has earned him a Golden Globe award, a People’s Choice award, and two Teen Choice awards.

After Queen Latifah asked if it feels like the right time for the show to end he replied,  “Yeah, of course. I got to grow up with the characters, and you got to see them grow up.”

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