Antoinette Robertson: The ‘Hart Of Dixie’ Cast Is Like A Big Family

Antoinette Robertson is the newest cast member of the CW hit show Hart of Dixie. Appearing alongside Rachel Bilson and Jaime King – she plays Lynly – the spoiled and trouble making cousin of the small town’s mayor that comes to Bluebell to mend her broken heart.

Celebrity Teen Scoop recently caught up with the actress to talk about the series and ask her for acting advice.

CTS: Tell us about your new role on the CW’s Hart of Dixie.  What can we look forward to?

AR: My character is Lynly Hayes, cousin to mayor Lavon Hayes from Houston Texas. I come to Bluebell in search of mending a broken heart but while I’m there I stir up some trouble in the process. You can look forward to experiencing Lynly’s outspoken demanding nature masking a vulnerable wounded soul. She is super sassy, fun and a free spirit.

CTS: You play alongside Rachel Bilson and Jaime King. What’s it like to work with the rest of the cast?  Do you have time to hang out together outside of filming?

AR: Rachel and Jamie are really nice and they made me feel really welcomed. The whole cast is like a big family, I couldn’t have wished for a better team, they truly are warm and sweet people. We usually spend 10-14 hours a day together on set, usually everyone goes home to wind down. It’s a shame that I haven’t had any time hang out for the past few months, but I’m not complaining. I love every minute of it!!

CTS: Tell us a little about your journey into acting.  How did you get started?  What have been some of your favorite roles so far?

AR: After completing my junior year at Stony Brook University where I completed my degree in Chemistry, I took a theatre class that I was told was an easy A. Little did I know that it would have flipped my world upside down. I fell in love with the art and wanted to seriously pursue it after graduation. I sought the guidance of William Esper and the rest is history. Hmm, I loved playing a South African orphan in ABC’s ZERO HOUR and Lynly, of course I LOVE playing this sassy southern belle!

CTS: Any advice for young actors looking to break into the business?

AR: My advice for young actors that are serious about this craft would be to go get an education, I feel like my experience during conservatory changed my life. Also there is no substitute for Hard Work, Luck is opportunity meets preparation, and when preparation is coupled with perseverance , success is likely your destination.

CTS: Are you worried at all about getting caught up in the “Hollywood Lifestyle”?  What keeps you grounded?

AR: No, I’m not worried about getting caught up in the Hollywood lifestyle at all. My faith in God and my family keep me grounded. I’m more interested in learning different dialects and accents, things that can add to my marketability, than I am “being on the scene”.

CTS: How do you relax and unwind?  Favorite hobbies?

AR: Relaxing for me includes a beach, shorts, some flip flips and a coconut. Also, I’m a little bit of an adrenaline junkie! So some of my hobbies include zip-lining, skiing, jet skiing, rock-climbing and  most of all Karaoke.

CTS: Are you working on anything else you’d like to share?

AR: As of now my reps are in negotiations for a couple different projects, fingers crossed. You can keep up to date with my fan page and my website

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