Athena Baumeister: Rising Young Star Of ‘Monster & Me’

Upcoming star Athena Baumeister shines onscreen in the upcoming Monster & Me, where she plays  Rubie Price – a spoiled teenager with supermodel genes and a horrible temper who learns a valuable lesson on how to treat others from none other than – Santa Claus.

In real life the young actress isn’t anything like Rubie and has a soft spot for creatures great – and small.  “Honestly, the best part about filming Monster & Me is that I got to hold a tiny Yorkie in every scene!” she told Celebrity Teen Scoop exclusively.

Also coming up this holiday season for Athena – the highly anticipated genre film Seventy Nine, about patients in a mental hospital who are subjected to secret experiments including brainwashing. While the subject of the movie is dark, Athena managed to have a good time on the set.

“Filming Seventy Nine was a lot of fun because we shot the film in an old abandoned maximum security prison that’s supposedly haunted,” she said. “While shooting an intense scene, I accidentally got locked in one of the cells!”

Athena, who feels “more comfortable in water,” posed for this recent photo shoot in Sherman Oaks, Calif. where she channeled her mermaid alter ego. But for an upcoming break, the busy actress is heading for colder climates. “For the holidays, I’m going shopping in New York City and skiing in Utah!”

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Photo credit: Ashlyn Nicole DesRoches Photography

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