Kira Kosarin: “I Always Knew I Wanted To Perform”

Actress Kira Kosarin is set to star in the new Nickelodeon series The Thundermans, premiering Saturday, November 2nd at 9 p.m. ET/PT. In the show, Kira plays a “very Type A, mature, and studious” superhero named Phoebe.

Celebrity Teen Scoop recently caught up with Kira about working on  The Thundermans, the show’s “pretty unique” audition process, and how she and the rest of the cast “have completely become a family.” She also chatted about how she “fangirled like crazy” when she met the cast of The Big Bang Theory!

CTS:  Tell us about your new show The Thundermans on Nickelodeon.  You play a superhero named Phoebe.  What is she like? Are you having fun filming your first series? 

Kira: “Phoebe is very fun to play, especially since we’re so much alike! She’s very Type A, mature, and studious, and math is her favorite subject in school just like me.  Plus we’re both pretty clumsy.  You’d think someone who dances as much as I do would be graceful, but I’m constantly falling down!  I’m definitely having a lot of fun on Thundermans.  The cast is amazing, the writing constantly cracks me up, and there’s such a great energy on set. I’m so excited to share the show with everybody!”

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CTS:  How did you get your part on the show? Did you have to go through the standard audition?  Have you become friendly with the other actors on the show?

Kira: “I auditioned for the show and had multiple callbacks before being cast.  Actually, this process was pretty unique. Usually after the final callback, I would have to wait between four days and four weeks to hear whether I got the part or not. For Thundermans, I got the call saying I got the part only an hour after the callback was over! I was at lunch with my parents when I found out and started crying in the middle of the restaurant because I was so excited. It was hilarious!

The rest of the cast and I have completely become a family since we started working on the show. I’m an only child, as are Diego and Addison, so it’s awesome to have siblings now! Even though Jack and I have known each other for three years (we met at acting school), we’ve become total twins since starting the show.  We always accidentally say the same thing at the same time or sing the same song at the same time out of nowhere.  Also, people always ask if we’re brother and sister whenever we hang out in public.  At this point, we just say ‘yes!’” [laughs]

CTS:  When did the acting bug bite?  How did you get introduced to acting?

Kira: “I always knew I wanted to perform; I danced all the time, sang every day, and acted whenever I possibly could.  My mom was also on Broadway and my dad was a Broadway music director, so I knew I wanted to act or perform in some way, whether that be theater or otherwise. Three years ago while I was still living in Florida, there was an ‘acting on camera’ workshop in the neighborhood. I took it and totally fell in love with on-camera acting! The teacher of the class said he had a summer camp workshop out here in California, so we decided to come out and try it for a couple weeks.  During my first few days here, I met some agents and managers and discussed the idea of moving here.  Eight weeks later, we moved and figured we’d stay for a few weeks or so. It’s now been over three years and we haven’t gone back!”

CTS:  We hear you’re also a dancer and singer.  What kind of dance are you into?  Have you studied dance for a long time?  What about singing? Will we be hearing you on the radio?

Kira: “I dance every day on hiatus weeks, and at least four days a week during work weeks. My favorite style of dance is ballet, but I also love jazz, contemporary, lyrical, modern, and even hip-hop. I did gymnastics for a few years before I got into dance, but I started dancing full-time when I was nine years old. I also love to sing! In fact, I recorded a single called ‘Replay a little while back, which I released on Halloween!”

CTS:   Besides acting, what are some other things you enjoy doing?  

Kira: “When I’m not acting, I’m always at dance, singing, or writing music.  I also love doing DIY projects.  I’m really bad at doing my nails, but that doesn’t stop me! [laughs] I’m super adventurous with nail art, and every once in a while it comes out pretty cool.”

CTS:   Do you have any favorite movies or television shows?   Is it true you’re a big fan of The Big Bang Theory and recently got to meet the cast?

Kira: “I am a HUGE fan of the show! I know every word of every episode that has ever aired. I also got to go to a taping to meet the cast and I absolutely flipped out! I fangirled like crazy.” [laughs]

CTS:  What are your hopes and dreams for acting, singing & dancing?  Are you at all worried about getting caught up in the Hollywood party lifestyle that has plagued other young actors?

Kira: “I am so excited to get to use each of these different passions of mine, along with the show.  In regard to getting caught up in the Hollywood party lifestyle, I’m honestly not worried about that at all. I always joke that when I go to college, I’ll be in my dorm studying while my friends are out partying. [laughs] Of course I love hanging out with my friends, but I keep my work and education my top priorities.”

CTS:  Besides The Thundermans, do you have any other projects you’re working on?  

Kira: “I’m focusing mainly on The Thundermans right now, but I’m also working on getting some more music out there and doing charity work.  I’m so grateful for the show and love working on it!”

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    What agency are you with and why did you chose them?

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    hi. I”d like to ask how i can get in touch with a talent scout cos i also love to sing and act. Please reply. And i think its awesome that kira and jack are close cos they really connect in the show. Weird,right? Bye.


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