Autumn Blair: “One Of My Dreams Is To Attend The CMAs”

Autumn Blair stars in Lifetime’s new docu-series Chasing Nashville, which airs Tuesdays at 10:00pm PT/ET on Lifetime. The series follows Autumn and three other aspiring teen country singers from Appalachia as they lay everything on the line while pursuing fame and fortune in country music.

Celebrity Teen Scoop chatted with Autumn Blair about her experience on Chasing Nashville, why Loretta Lynn “has definitely been an inspiration” to her, and what she loves doing in her free time. She also shared her dreams of going on tour and attending the CMAs one day!

CTS: You star in Lifetime’s docu-series, Chasing Nashville. What is the series all about? How did you get involved in the project?

Autumn: “Chasing Nashville is all about girls from rural areas trying to make it in Nashville’s big music industry. In this series, people get to see our good moments and our not so good moments, and see us grow in many ways along the journey. I became a part of the show, because the producers found videos of me when I was twelve and loved my voice. I was actually seventeen when they contacted me, but they still wanted me on the show from hearing the videos I filmed as a twelve-year-old.”

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CTS: You hail from West Virginia and are related to country great, Loretta Lynn. Did she inspire your interest in country music? Who are your greatest musical inspirations?

Autumn: “Loretta Lynn has definitely been an inspiration to me. She was a coal miner’s daughter and came from a rural area like me, which showed me that it is possible and I should never give up. My musical inspirations include Loretta Lynn, Carrie underwood, and Martina McBride. I truly look up to them, as they all have such amazing voices and are are such great people.”

CTS: What are some of your goals for your singing career?

Autumn: “One of my major singing career goals is to go on tour so I could do what I love all the time, and I would also love to get involved in music charity events. One of my dreams is to attend the CMAs, so hopefully I’ll get there one day!”

CTS: What do you like to do in your free time when you aren’t writing songs?

Autumn: “I love to play volleyball and spend time with my family, friends, and boyfriend.”

CTS: What is up next for you?

Autumn: “Right now, I am just waiting to see how the series goes on TV and working on more music. I am writing all the time and working on my music to make it better. Hopefully, I will release an album of my own in the near future.”

Celebrity Teen Scoop also got to chat with Autumn’s mom, Pamela Blair, about her own experience on Chasing Nashville and how she helps her daughter pursue her aspirations in country music.

CTS: How do you encourage your daughter to follow her dreams?

Pamela: “We support her in everything she tries to do. I try to supply her with whatever she needs to be the best and look the best during a performance.  We also let our whole family know about all the events that she performs at, so that she has as many people as possible there to scream and clap for her.  Most of all, we try to remind her to never be nervous and to just have fun performing, because laughter is contagious.”

CTS: What was it like filming the docu-series with your daughter?

Pamela: “There were times it was fun, times it was tough, and definitely times it was stressfull.  At first, it was a little unusual having all of the cameras around, but it didn’t take long to forget they were there.”

CTS: Are you worried about the potential toll a life in the limelight might take on your daughter?  How do you help her prepare for that?

Pamela: “Yes, I am always worried about the toll it will take on my daughter. However, Autumn is very smart and strong-minded, so hopefully she never forgets the way I raised her and she always stays the same Autumn Blair that she is now.

As each step gets higher, we remind her to never forget who she is and where she came from.”

CTS: What, in your mind, sets your daughter apart from the other aspiring country singers out there?

Pamela: “Autumn has a way of connecting with people that is not ordinary, and I think it comes from her soft heart and humbleness.  She also loves doing things to help people through her music. I think the combination of those two traits would be what sets her apart from most people, and most will want to follow her just to see what she is up to now.”

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