Justin Bieber’s Bad Day

Justin Bieber dropped his latest single, ‘Bad Day’ on Monday (November 4) but it sounds more like a description of his concert in Sao Paolo, Brazil on Saturday. While singing his hit ‘Boyfriend’ Justin was hit in the face by a water bottle that a fan threw onstage.

According to reports, the singer stared intently into the crowd for a few moments and then stormed off the stage. The crowd chanted for thirty minutes for the Biebs to return and finish the show, but he never did and the concert was cut short. See the video below.

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The critics were not kind to the 19-year-old. “A night of fun was overshadowed by a few seconds of anger and immaturity,” a Brazilian critic wrote.

But it sounds like Justin had already built up some ill-will with the fans; he reportedly showed up an hour and twenty minutes late to the concert arena, and was three hours late to a meet-and-greet with fans who had paid $1,000 to meet him.

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