Peyton List: “Blast From My Wimpy Past”

Jessie’s Peyton List was in Hoover, Alabama on Saturday (Nov 2) for a meet and greet at the Von Maur at Riverchase Galleria. Grayson Russell was also there. The two starred in two Diary of A Wimpy Kid films together.

Both shared photos via Twitter. Peyton wrote: “Blast from my Wimpy past! Great seeing ya @GraysonCRussell!”

Grayson said, “So great to see you yesterday! @PeytonList.”

Peyton also shared a snapshot of her “PAC-Man pumpkin” last week.

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In her interview with BYOU magazine – the 15-year-old talked about what she thinks being “cool” is.

“Expressing yourself and being yourself every day, dressing the way you want to dress versus what is considered ‘cool.’ I remember a girl I thought dressed really cool and I was tempted to copy her but I decided to stay with my own style and was glad I did.”

Peyton added, “Being a genuinely nice person who doesn’t discriminate and is positive, kind, helpful, and pleasant to be around is also cool. If you’re a nice person and do good things to help others, people will want to be around you. A lot of kids think because of their age they cannot make a difference but they can. And it starts by smiling at someone to make their day.”

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