Bella Thorne: “Have Fun Experimenting With Fashion”

Shake It Up star Bella Thorne was recently named the new face of the “Rockin’ Paul Frank” campaign for the Fall 2013/Winter 2014 season. In this role, Bella “will appear in ads, make appearances, take interviews, and possibly design a capsule line” for Paul Frank.

Celebrity Teen Scoop recently chatted with Bella about her “long history with Paul Frank,” how she balances her schooling and acting jobs, and the new album she is working on. The talented actress also shared what it is like working with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore on the film Familymoon!

CTS: Congrats on being the new face for the “Rockin’ Paul Frank” campaign for the Fall 2013/Winter 2014 season. How did you land the honor?  What are some of the things you’ll be doing as part of this role?

Bella: “Thank you so much. I have a long history with Paul Frank and I’ve always loved their collection, so when the opportunity came to me to work with them, I jumped on it. As the face of the new campaign, I will appear in ads, make appearances, take interviews, and possibly design a capsule line with them.”

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CTS: What are some of your favorite Paul Frank pieces?  Why do you think the brand is so popular?

Bella: “I am a big fan of their fun tees and hoodies, and they have very cute accessories as well. The brand is popular, because the designs are fun, quirky, and colorful. The pieces are also reasonable and comfortable.”

CTS: How would you best describe your fashion style?

Bella: “I really mix up my fashion choices, because I tend to wear what I’m in the mood for. I also like taking fashion risks and being a little fashion-forward. I enjoy wearing clothes that fit well and usually have a cool design of some sort.”

CTS: Do you have any fashion advice you can share with our readers?

Bella: “Have fun experimenting with fashion, as it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Also, always make sure that whatever you choose to wear fits well.”

CTS: You play Adam Sandler’s daughter in Familymoon – tell us about your character and the film.  Does the cast become a bit like family when you’re shooting a film?  Are you still in touch with Adam Sandler or Drew Barrymore?

Bella: “When you work on a project, you become very close to your cast. The other kids in the film were super talented and sweet, and they all have big futures ahead of them. I have also been in contact with both Adam and Drew since filming wrapped. I just spoke with Adam two days ago when he called me on set in New Mexico. He is such an amazing guy! He is a real family man who treats everyone on set, from cast to crew, with respect and kindness. I am very close with Drew as well, as she is like a mentor to me. I can only hope to have the outstanding career that she has carried and balanced with motherhood. She is a beautiful person with a huge heart and a positivity that you can feel when you walk in her path. I could go on and on about what a gorgeous human being she is, but I think her smile says it all. She sent me a lovely bouquet of flowers for my birthday and the most sincere handwritten note. It made my day.”

CTS: You’re working on Disney’s Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day right now? What is it like working with Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner?

Bella: “The cast and I just wrapped on that film. Steve and Jennifer were so funny, focused, and kind. Not to take anything away from any cast, but I’ve had the best experience with the actors I’ve worked with on these films. Watching them work was inspiring and educational, and the kid actors, Dylan, Kerris and Ed, have to be some of the most talented ‘child’ actors in the business.”

CTS: Do you find working on a film set more challenging compared to the TV series Shake It Up?  In which role, so far, have you grown the most as an actor?

Bella: “It is not more challenging, but it is very different. Before SIU, I worked on indie films and adult TV shows, so it is very familiar to me. I like the change up, as I can go from one character to another and between different stories. I’ve learned from each one of the sets I’ve been on, because they’ve been very different. I am the lead character on Big Sky, which is a very emotional character who deals with challenges like panic attacks and agoraphobia, so I think I am learning more about myself in the process.”

CTS: How do you fit in schooling with acting jobs?

Bella: “School is done regardless of what acting job I am involved with. Education is very important to me and I can Skype my teachers in LA when I am on-location. Otherwise, I go to class a couple of days a week and work on my assignments at home or on-set.”

CTS: Tell us more about your three-book deal with Random House titled Autumn Falls.

Bella: “I am working on some editor’s notes at the moment. The book deal is a series about the challenges of growing up, fitting in, and moving on. It will take place over the lead character Autumn’s high school years. Autumn has similar issues and traits as I do, and my life outside Hollywood is an influence for the book. However, it is not a book about Hollywood, acting, or anything related to show business. The book has a magical element to it, but is based in reality.”

CTS: You’re also busy with a new album. Was singing always a passion?

Bella: “I always liked singing in the car or the shower, but I started being really musically inspired while working on Shake It Up.”

CTS: What kind of music can we expect the new album to reflect?

Bella: “Mostly the album is pop, but I do experiment with some other genres. I want my audience to feel good, inspired, and just dance when they hear the album.”

CTS: What do you do during your downtime with family and friends?

Bella: “Tristan tutors me and helps me with my homework, which I have a ton of and he’s very good at. We also go to the movies, parks, and the beach, and we also rent movies at the house. We go to the gym together as well.”

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  1. Wanda Clark

    BellaThorne is so young t have such n extensive resume. I would like to think she has a good head about her. So often young people cave to the pressure. Love the article. Wishing her a bight future.

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