Ed Sheeran Is ‘Geeking Out’ Over Doing A Song For ‘The Hobbit’

What could be more exciting for a Hobbit fan than to be a part of the movie? Ed Sheeran admits he is “geeking out” over being asked to record a song for the soundtrack of the much-anticipated film.

“[I’m] very happy to announce I have written and recorded the end credits song for the new Hobbit movie ‘The Desolation of Smaug,'” he wrote on Twitter. “Big up Peter Jackson and his team for giving me the opportunity.”

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In a statement Ed talked about being a fan of the books since childhood. “It was such an honor working with Peter Jackson on this song. Not only is he one of my favorite directors of my favorite films, ‘The Hobbit’ was the first book I ever read as a child, so it means a lot that I get to produce music for the motion picture,” he said.

“I was allowed complete freedom to create what I thought was fitting for the film, which is very rare, and Peter, [filmmakers] Fran [Walsh] and Philippa [Boyens] were always on hand to give notes and pointers. The entire team down in New Zealand was out of this world,” he continued. “The film is amazing! I’m still geeking out that I’ve done a song for a Peter Jackson film set in Middle-earth!”

The song, titled ‘I See Fire,’ will play during the end credits of the movie. “I got the chance to produce and play all the instruments on it apart from the cello. Managed to learn violin for a day, hope you all dig it,” he tweeted.

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