Austin Mahone Is A Ninja

Don’t look now, but Austin Mahone is a ninja. The ‘What About Love’ singer posted this pic on Instgram looking terrifyingly menacing. Not. He wrote, “u can’t see me I’m a ninja ☺.”

Austin was at the 2013 Nick Halo Awards on Sunday night (November 17) and was asked when his much-anticipated album would be released. “[There’s] not an exact date, but I’m working on it right now so it should be out around maybe February or January, somewhere around there,” he told J-14.

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“The thing about the album is that throughout the year I’ll be like ‘Oh, it’s coming out in June… it’s coming out in August’ and it would keep moving,” he continued. “I felt so bad because my fans will be like ‘What are you doing? Why does it keep changing?'”

But Austin assured all his Mahonies that it would be worth the wait. “I feel like it’s working out because the more time we have, the more songs I record. So there’s going to be better songs on the album.”

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  1. Why are you dressed like a ninja Austin, but you wre so cute and kind of funny. You are the best dresser for dressing as a ninja and you are the best A.M.

  2. josephine Matreniz

    Austin is so hot!I saw him at the Halo awards and he and Amber Montana would make the most gorgeous couple ever!


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