Daniel Radcliffe: Twitter Is Not For Me

Daniel Radcliffe wants to keep his life private and will not join Twitter and Facebook.

The 24-year-old explains to Sky News, “I don’t have Twitter and I’m not on Facebook, and I think that makes things a lot easier because if you go on Twitter and tell everybody what you’re doing moment to moment, and then claim you want a private life, no one’s going to take that request seriously.”

He also admits he got frustrated with his fame at one point.

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He says, “When I was 18 or 19, there was definitely a level of frustration around. … I did have to think where I went more than a lot of my friends, and you do get a little frustrated around that age. But ultimately it’s childish, petulant. People always say to me, ‘Do you feel like you missed out on a childhood? Do you feel like you had your childhood taken away?’ And I’m like, ‘No, that’s ridiculous, kids who are abused have their childhoods taken away from them.”

The actor also shares that he doesn’t spend a lot of money – and when he does it’s on books.

“The only time I will spend a wad of cash in one go – and this is going to sound so nerdy – is in bookshops. I’ve gone out of bookshops with a pile of 15 to 20 books before. It’s excessive.  I have this thing in bookshops where if I see this thing that there’s a good chance I may never ever see again or sounds interesting then I have to get it. So that’s a way of bleeding your money. The only slightly lavish thing that I do sometimes is that I might take all my friends out for a night out. And that’s, like, once a year. I’m refreshingly boring.”

Speaking about his A Young Doctor’s Notebook co-star Jon Hamm – he jokes, “Jon is actually really small, he just wears heels.”

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