Jennifer Lawrence: I Won’t Diet

Jennifer Lawrence lets her hair down in her interview with Australia’s Marie Claire. Speaking to the magazine before she got her pixie cut – The Hunger Games actress talks about being the face for Dior, her body, and being at the Oscars.

On fronting the Raf Simons-led house of Dior: “I actually said no at first. I thought, ‘I’m not a model. I’m not a spokesperson. I’m just an actor!’ But then [producer] Harvey Weinstein told me I was being an idiot. He said, ‘Just go to Paris and go to the fashion show.’ Once I was at the show, I felt like I had been baptized in fashion. I was just in love with his [Simons’s] clothes, so it would have been ridiculous to say no.”

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On her body shape: “No, no, no! I just wouldn’t [diet]. I like the way I look, so if something has to get let out for me to wear it, it has to get let out.”

On comparing herself to Katniss Everdeen: “I wouldn’t last two seconds in a fight. I definitely have more of a leader mindset than a follower mindset, but I’m not as courageous as she is. I don’t do as much good with it as she does.”

On Oscar night: “It was one of those things where no matter how great something is, when you are utterly exhausted, and
I was sick, too, it just was [too much] … I tried to go to an after party, but it was absolutely miserable, and I walked right back out and went home and ordered a pizza.”

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