Cody Simpson Is Overexposed

Is Cody Simpson overexposed? According to the singer himself, he is – although he’s only talking about his camera setting and maybe the elements. The Pretty Brown Eyes singer posted this pic on Monday (December 9) and wrote, “Over-exposure to the salt and leather #35mm.”

Here’s another question for his fans: Can you guess what Cody‘s favorite album of the year is? Hint: It’s not his own.

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The Aussie heartthrob says John Mayer‘s latest LP Paradise Valley is not only his favorite album of the year, it’s one of his favorite albums of all time.

“I love the country, folky vibe about it,” Cody told Idolator. “I’ve been listening to it every day.”

The 16-year-old is a huge fan of John’s. He’s covered several of his songs, including ‘Stop This Train,’ ‘In Your Atmosphere’ and ‘Daughters,’ and was excited to meet his idol this past summer. “One of the coolest blokes I’ve ever met in my life. such an honor to meet you and experience your genius live and in person mate,” Cody tweeted.

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