Lea Michele Is ‘Louder’

Lea Michele revealed the cover of her debut album Louder on Monday (December 9) but not before making her fans work for it. The Glee actress asked for 10,000 tweets to “unlock” the artwork. “I’m on tumblr! LeaMicheleMusic.com. Unlock my album cover by tweeting #LeaMicheleLouder! 10,000 tweets will reveal the cover and a surprise!” she requested.

And tweet they did! “Here it is!!! Check out the cover of my album #LOUDER!! Thanks to all of you for tweeting & unlocking it!!” Lea wrote.

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In a recent interview the 27-year-old talked about how her family – and her music – is helping her deal with the loss of Glee co-star and boyfriend Cory Monteith.

“My family has experienced a lot of loss in their life and they’ve been so wonderful in being there for me and giving me the strength I need,” Lea said.

She also revealed that she recorded her single ‘Cannonball’ during her most difficult period. “[It’s] more than just a song to me,” she explained. “It completely helped to lift me up at a time where I needed it.

“Music can really help you in times of need, and that’s what this song did for me and I hope that’s what it does for others as well,” she added. “I brought my dad to the studio and he cried the entire time. But for me it’s been very empowering. I’ve used this song as a rock.”

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