Dianna Agron: 2014 Will Be A Year For Much Happiness

Dianna Agron exudes Hollywood glam on the cover and inside the issue of Galore magazine. The former Glee actress talks about moving forward to a happier place in 2014, her movie Conspiracy on Jekyll Island, and shares her beauty secrets.

On if she will ever release an album: “I guess I have to say no to an album in my future. You never know! It’d be nice to get into stuff that was more me, though I’ve loved everything I’ve had the chance to sing on Glee. I’m lucky really. I grew up watching old musicals, which is what made me want to act. It’s come full circle and I am the happier for it. As for what my album would be called…..Not sure, definitely not Dianna Agron. Something fun. I’m trying to think of something on the spot. It’s not working. Instead random words are coming to mind. Bats, Night, Dark, Blue…..”

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On her beauty secrets: “To maintain my blonde locks the purple shampoo is key. And there’s this detangler brush from London, it’s genius. It’s like five dollars and you can find them in Boots and things like that. It’s a genius thing and I panic if ever I think I’ve lost it. I’m a sucker for anything that saves time in regards to grooming.”

On her plans for 2014: “2014 will be a year for new projects, new travels, and much happiness. I’ve had some hard things to get through, emotional loss in 2013, and through sadness comes deeper understanding and pursuit of happiness. At least that’s what I think. Boring answer, a bit. But true. Maybe 2014 will be the year I also try something I am terrified of. Like scuba diving. Probably not, but maybe. Never say never.”

On her character for Conspiracy on Jekyll Island: “Getting into character on this new project, “Conspiracy on Jekyll Island” has been fairly seamless. The team is supportive, communicative, and my wardrobe is the best thing I have ever experienced. She’s a badass, she knows it….there is nothing exceptionally feminine about her and she is unapologetic. It’s delicious. It’s day two of me being here, we had a cast dinner last night and also had some vodka shots. A great unifier. Right? It seemed so at the time. We definitely had our initiation and deep bonding. So now, tomorrow, day one of shooting for me is going to be even easier.”

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