‘Fault In Our Stars’ Poster Released

The official poster for the highly anticipated movie Fault In Our Stars was just released and it’s already causing controversy. The poster features a close-up the film’s stars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort laying in the grass and smiling.

But what is causing a stir is the tagline: “One sick love story.” Fans are calling it “glib” and “offensive” in light of the film’s dark storyline, a romance between two cancer patients.

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John Greene – who wrote the bestselling book on which the movie is based – has not commented on the poster nor has the film’s director Josh Boone.

In a previous interview the author did admit to being deeply affected by seeing his story come to life on the screen. Saying he couldn’t “keep his emotions in check” on set, John tweeted about a day of filming, “Having spent my morning in a puddle of tears, I now need a nap.”

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