Will Cody Simpson Be ‘Dancing With The Stars’?

Will Cody Simpson soon be taking a break from the recording studio to take a spin on the dance floor? The ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ singer recently tweeted that he was approached by the Dancing With The Stars producers about appearing on the hit show.

“So, I just received an offer to be on Dancing With The Stars in March. What do you all think? Do you want to see me on TV every week?” Cody asked his fans on Twitter.

“It’s during the time I’ll be in LA recording my next album, so it wouldn’t prevent me from touring and seeing all of you. Tweet me thoughts,” he continued.

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Not surprisingly, the 16-year-old’s fans gave their approval. “Wow, looks like you all think I should do this. Definitely helps me when thinking about my decision,” Cody tweeted back. “I’ll let you know after the holidays.”

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