Joe Jonas Speaks Out On Speaking Out

In a new interview Joe Jonas is speaking out – about previously speaking out in a piece he wrote for New York magazine where he talked about partying with Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus and also bashed his former employer Disney.

But Joe gives no apologies for his article, and says he feels good about venting. “There’s no master plan behind it or anything like that,” he says about the controversial piece, that got support from Demi but was called “B.S.” by fellow Disney star Dylan Sprouse. “It was just stuff I wanted to kind of speak about.”

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“I think it was kind of a fun, relieving way of doing that,” Joe continued. “It’s stuff you can’t necessarily put in a song…It was fun to kind of express to people my journey.”

“I wrote this for myself and put it out there so people could kind of get a picture, a little bit more of a picture of what my life was like,” he explained.

But Joe did admit there is a group of people he was concerned about offending – his family. “When you first read it, because it’s so open…I think there was a little bit of a nervous feeling around the household,” he said.

”But at the end of the day, my parents know who I am and they know everything that’s in there already and I guess you could say they’re proud of their son.”

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