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Cody Simpson Ringing In New Year With Gigi Hadad

Cody Simpson is celebrating the new year in St. Lucia. The Aussie pop star is not alone though. He’s in the Caribbean with girlfriend Gigi Hadad and her family. Gigi, 18, is the daughter of Yolanda Foster – one of … »» Read the article

Will Cody Simpson Be ‘Dancing With The Stars’?

Will Cody Simpson soon be taking a break from the recording studio to take a spin on the dance floor? The ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ singer recently tweeted that he was approached by the Dancing With The Stars producers about appearing … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson Releases Acoustic ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’

It’s Cody Simpson, unplugged. The Aussie singer just released an acoustic version of his song ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ and it’s already a hit with his fans. They’ll be even more excited to see Cody perform his songs live on his … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson Is Overexposed

Is Cody Simpson overexposed? According to the singer himself, he is – although he’s only talking about his camera setting and maybe the elements. The Pretty Brown Eyes singer posted this pic on Monday (December 9) and wrote, “Over-exposure to … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson: Alli Simpson Fan

Cody Simpson is being a supportive big brother to his little sister Alli by encouraging his fans to check out her new track, ‘Notice Me’. While he was at it, he asked everyone to take a listen to his new … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson’s New Romance

Some sad news for Cody Simpson fans – the singer is officially off the market. Us Weekly is reporting that Cody is dating Gigi Hadid, the daughter of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster. “They’ve been friends for … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson: Coffee Break

Even multimillionaire teen popstars need to rest and recharge once in a while. Cody Simpson took a coffee break – with his mom – and posted this pic on Instagram. He wrote: “Nutella Mochas & Pear Pies are always winners. … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson: Meet & Greet With Layla Crawford

Cody Simpson was among the celebrities who attended Hub Network’s First Annual Halloween Bash in Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica Airport on Sunday (October 20). Before the singer performed La Da Dee – he chatted backstage with one of his … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson Tells TODAY: I Hope My Memoir Inspires Others

Cody Simpson appeared on the TODAY show on Monday morning (October 21) to talk about his new book and music. The Australian singer explained why he decided to write his memoir Welcome To Paradise. He said, “I am hoping to … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson: ‘Welcome To Paradise’ Book Tour

Cody Simpson gave fans a sneak peek of his book ‘Welcome To Paradise’ on Instagram and announced a few dates of his book tour. The ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ singer even promised to personally autograph your copy. He wrote: “3 days … »» Read the article

Celebritweets From Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and More

Catch up on this week’s celebritweets from your favorite celebrities! Cody Simpson shares his favorite book, Taylor Swift takes you backstage of her ‘Red’ tour, and Justin Bieber gives fans a sneak peak at his upcoming movie – all in … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson: Subway Serenade

You never know when you’re going to get a surprise Cody Simpson concert! The ‘La Da Dee’ singer was in a New York subway and couldn’t resist borrowing a guitar to belt out a tune. Cody posted an Instagram video … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson: Washed Up

Don’t look now but Cody Simpson might be washed up. Relax his career is fine – we’re talking literally, not figuratively of course. The ‘La Da Dee’ singer posted a pic of himself laying in a bathtub and wrote, “In … »» Read the article

Go Behind The Scenes Of Cody Simpson’s ‘La Da Dee’

Cody Simpson just released the music video for his hit single ‘La Da Dee’, and now the pop star is sharing some of the extra footage from the shoot. Since the track will be a part of the new movie, … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson Gets Inked!

It looks like Cody Simpson took the plunge and got his first tattoo. The ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ singer posted a pic and simply tweeted, “Palm anchor.” Along with another photo he wrote, “Oh the creations – sick one.” The tattoo … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson Meets John Mayer

Cody Simpson has made no secret of the fact that he’s a huge John Mayer fan. He’s covered several of his songs, including ‘Stop This Train,’ ‘In Your Atmosphere’ and ‘Daughters.’ Now it looks like the Aussie singer finally got … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson: ‘Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2’ Soundtrack!

Cody Simpson fans – now you can get your Cody fix at the movies! It was just announced that the singer’s tune, ‘La Da Dee’ will be featured on the soundtrack for the Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson Wants To Be A Good Role Model

Cody Simpson knows, that with his young fan base, many kids are looking up to him. That’s why the Aussie singer says he tries to behave responsibly – and also why he was awarded the Role Model Award at the … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson Welcomes You To Paradise & Other Celebritweets This Week

What are your favorite celebs up to this week on Twitter? has a roundup of the hot tweets – everything from a sneak peek at Cody Simpson‘s upcoming book to Ariana Grande‘s new single, to details about Austin Mahone‘s … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson: Fan Fueled

Cody Simpson took a moment to snap a selfie with fans after a concert on Wednesday (July 31) and then posted the pic on Instagram. The Aussie singer is known for connecting with his audiences through social media, and his … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson: I Wouldn’t Have A Career Without The Internet

Cody Simpson is a popular presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but he says it’s more than just keeping in touch with fans – the singer believes that without technology and the internet, he wouldn’t have a career. “I’d be … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson: Simple Pleasures On The Jersey Shore

Cody Simpson says he doesn’t need much to be happy. The ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ singer posted this pic during a concert on the Jersey Shore on Friday (July 19) and wrote about the simple things in life that make a … »» Read the article

Sneak Peek of Cody Simpson’s New Song

Cody Simpson fans: Only 7 more days until the release of his new album Surfer’s Paradise!! You’ve already heard a few of his new songs, like ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ and ‘Summertime of Our Lives,’ and now for those of you … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson & Ed Sheeran: Indy Mates

Fans of Cody Simpson and Ed Sheeran got a rare treat on Sunday (June 8) when the two stars took the stage together at the 99.5 WZPL Birthday Bash in Indianapolis. Cody posted this pic and wrote, “Great to catch … »» Read the article

Meet Cody Simpson In Person!

Want to meet Cody Simpson – and his gorgeous arms – in person? Of course you do! Well, here’s not only a chance for you to meet the ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ singer and take photos with him, but a few … »» Read the article