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Miley Cyrus & Kellan Lutz: Las Vegas Lovers

Miley Cyrus posted a photo of the family on December 26. She wrote via Instagram: “Annual family fist fight.” Who’s not in the snapshot is Kellan Lutz. The Wrecking Ball singer was spotted with Lutz at Britney Spears’ first Vegas … »» Read the article

Abigail Breslin Goes Topless For Tyler Shields

Abigail Breslin looks seductive in the new photos taken by celebrity photographer Tyler Shields. He posted a photo via Instagram with the caption: “Abigail Breslin like you’ve never seen her before!” Shields – who also directed her in the upcoming … »» Read the article

Miley Cyrus: I Wanted To Go To College

Miley Cyrus as a college co-ed? It isn’t as far off as you think. The twerking, tongue-wagging singer tells Rolling Stone that she considered going to a university to study photography before she decided to make a comeback with her … »» Read the article

Zac Efron In ‘Parkland’

Zac Efron posted a photo on Monday (September 30) from his upcoming film Parkland. The caption reads, “Here’s an exclusive new still of #ZacEfron as #Parkland Memorial’s surgical resident Jim Carrico.” The movie – a recounting of the events that … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson Gets Inked!

It looks like Cody Simpson took the plunge and got his first tattoo. The ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ singer posted a pic and simply tweeted, “Palm anchor.” Along with another photo he wrote, “Oh the creations – sick one.” The tattoo … »» Read the article

Selena Gomez: Fenced In

Selena Gomez posted a series of Instagram pics that show her posing while throngs of eager fans are held back behind a fence. Selena, you’re such a tease. Is it just us or do the fans in the pic above … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson Meets John Mayer

Cody Simpson has made no secret of the fact that he’s a huge John Mayer fan. He’s covered several of his songs, including ‘Stop This Train,’ ‘In Your Atmosphere’ and ‘Daughters.’ Now it looks like the Aussie singer finally got … »» Read the article

Selena Gomez: Viva Vancouver!

Selena Gomez had a stop in Vancouver on her ‘Stars Dance’ tour and kept fans in the loop by posting a few pics on her Instagram account. She snapped this one while grabbing a snack backstage and wrote, “Hi Vancouver … »» Read the article

Victoria Justice: Call Me!

Victoria Justice proves that what’s old is new again – the singer posed with a ‘new’ gadget for her iPhone and wrote, “Keepin’ it old school… ;)” The Victorious star is currently on her Summer Break Tour with fellow Nickelodeon … »» Read the article

Bella Thorne Takes The Plunge

Bella Thorne got brave and took the plunge into what seems like a chilly Lake Sidney Lanier in Georgia. The Shake It Up actress posted a video on Instagram on Sunday (July 28). Before turning away from the camera and … »» Read the article

Jennette McCurdy Wants To Judge You

Jennette McCurdy just announced that she’ll be the judge and celebrity mentor for the KIDZ Star USA competition. The winner gets a recording contract and will appear in a KIDZ BOP Commercial and Music Video. Jennette tweeted: “I’m pleased to … »» Read the article

Taylor Swift Visits Children’s Hospital While On Tour

Taylor Swift took time out from her busy touring schedule to visit some young patients at the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia on Saturday (July 20). Ryan Seacrest shared these pics of the visit – it had been arranged through his … »» Read the article

Miley Cyrus: Moon Man Love

Some people carry a rabbits foot, some people wear their lucky socks. Miley Cyrus is hoping a little licking of the MTV Video Music Awards trophy will help her nab one of the prizes when the awards come around in … »» Read the article

Max Schneider Says Goodbye To His Beard

Saying goodbye to an old friend is hard. Especially one that is with you 24 hours a day. That’s why Max Schneider posted this fond farewell to his facial hair on Thursday (July 18) writing: “The deconstruction of the beard. … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson: I Wouldn’t Have A Career Without The Internet

Cody Simpson is a popular presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but he says it’s more than just keeping in touch with fans – the singer believes that without technology and the internet, he wouldn’t have a career. “I’d be … »» Read the article

Cody Simpson: Simple Pleasures On The Jersey Shore

Cody Simpson says he doesn’t need much to be happy. The ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ singer posted this pic during a concert on the Jersey Shore on Friday (July 19) and wrote about the simple things in life that make a … »» Read the article

Justin Bieber Believes In Instagram

Justin Bieber loves Instagram. The singer has been posting more pictures of himself than usual lately. Of course, most of them are selfies and most of them are shirtless, just like his fans like it. Also, most of them don’t … »» Read the article

Bella Thorne: Peace Out

Bella Thorne is banking up some good karma as she sends out warm thoughts on her Instagram account. The Shake It Up star posted this pic and wrote, “Peace love and filming <3.” Not sure what film set the 15-year-old … »» Read the article

Ed Sheeran: No More Mr. Nice Guy

Ed Sheeran is going on over to the dark side. Holding a couple of bottles of booze and putting on his best menacing look, the ‘Lego House’ singer posed for this pic and wrote: “The new look for album 2 … »» Read the article

Niall Horan: Say My Name, Say My Name

What’s all the shouting about? Niall Horan posted this video on Instagram on Sunday (July 14) that shows the One Direction singer in a roomful of people yelling, “Niall! Niall! Niall!” What does it mean? We have no idea, but … »» Read the article

Zendaya: Hoodies Up

Zendaya shows her support for Trayvon Martin in this pic she posted on Monday (July 15). In a controversial decision, a jury acquitted George Zimmerman on Saturday in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon. Zendaya wrote: “Injustice anywhere is a threat … »» Read the article

Victoria Justice: Elvis & Me

Victoria Justice is on her Summer Break tour with Big Time Rush, and the singer/actress took a break to do some shopping in Memphis, Tenn. on Tuesday (July 2). And there, in front of the t-shirt racks, she ran into…The … »» Read the article

Harry Styles: The Force Is With Him

Harry Styles has the force with him. Well, standing next to him for a photo-op and an Instagram at least. The One Direction singer posed for a pic with members of the New York Police Department and wrote, “NYPD are … »» Read the article

Bella Thorne: Hangin’ With Her Bro

Bella Thorne made time for family on Friday (June 21) and hung out with her brother, Remy. The Shake It Up star posted this pic and wrote, “Hangin with the bro. he’s the homie @theremythorne22.” Congratulations are in order for … »» Read the article

Victoria Justice: Bang That Drum

Victoria Justice posted this pic of herself keeping the beat and wrote on Instagram, “Rockin out at rehearsal the other day :P.” The Victorious star is busy getting ready for her Summer Break Tour with Big Time Rush, and she … »» Read the article