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Use Your Social Media Moxie to Win a Trip to the World’s Most Epic Comic and Entertainment Event in San Diego

Are you an ever-present member of the Twitterverse? Do you live on social media platforms from your smartphone? If you’re the kind of person who loves to shoot a classis 14-second video for Instagram or share photos and videos on Twitter, then Scion has a contest that you won’t want to miss out on—especially if you also happen to be the kind of person who would never miss San Diego’s biggest entertainment and comic book event of the year.

Scion is heavily invested in giving away four prizes: a weekend trip to the world’s most epic comic book event and three other prizes; but just as the creativity pours out of every person in attendance at conventions and events like these, Scion has a pretty high standard for how it plans to judge those who choose to enter the contest.


Landing page of the contest

While some of the terms of the contest are not optional, for example, following @Scion on either Instagram or Twitter (or both) and mentioning @Scion in your post along with the hashtag #EpicFRS, this contest is going to be judged largely by how creative, fun, imaginative, and engaging participants’ entries are. The more original and uniquely inspired the video or image, the better. So once you’ve nailed down the abovementioned rules, start thinking about ways you could be one of the lucky winners by firing up your ingenuity.

Sure, the purpose of the Scion contest is to be one of the lucky four winners who make the final cut and ultimately the trip to San Diego for the most epic comic event. But there’s more to it than that—Scion is eager to see what people from all over the country will come up with, showing and telling them a lot about the very people they serve every day; that means they are invested in your future as a Scion car owner!



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Sweet Suspense: “We Look Forward To Recording & Touring”

The girls of Sweet Suspense are continuing their journey to becoming a successful pop group. Summer Reign, Celine Polenghi, and Millie Thrasher finished in 12th place on season 3 of The X Factor USA. The trio were mentored by Simon Cowell.

Celebrity Teen Scoop caught up with each of them before the series ended to find out what they were up to and how life has changed for them since appearing on a hit reality show.

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Mason Dye on His Role in New Lifetime thriller “Flowers in the Attic”

Up and coming actor Mason Dye stars in his debut role in Flowers in the Attic, a Lifetime Original Movie adapted from the classic novel written by V. C. Andrews. The film is sure to keep audiences engaged with a mix of familial abuse, incest, and heart-stopping dysfunction. The release is set for Saturday, January 18th, 2014.

CelebrityTeenScoop had the chance to chat exclusively with Mason about the psychological thriller, his preparation for the role, and why he left his baseball career behind!

CTS: You are set to star as Christopher in the Lifetime original movie, Flowers in the Attic. Can you tell us about the movie and your role?

Mason: “Flowers in the Attic is the story of four young siblings who after a tragic car accident, are forced to live with their grandmother in her attic. In the attic, the kids are subjected to physical and emotional abuse. They are even starved at one point. All that stems from a long dark hidden family secret that the kids find out in the movie. Eventually, the abuse gets so bad that the kids realize if they stay in the attic any longer, they’re going to die there. They have to come up with a way to escape. That is Flowers in the Attic. I play Christopher. He’s very smart and intelligent. He’s an optimistic—very much so. He’s always trying to keep everyone positive and reassure them, especially Cathy once they’re in the attic, that everything’s going to be alright. He reassures them that their mom’s looking out for them. A major thing factor is that Christopher is a huge Mama’s boy. He loves his mom.”

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Coco Jones Celebrates ‘Sweet Sixteen’

Young Hollywood celebs arrived ready to get hyphy at Coco Jones’ Sweet Sixteen Celebration, hosted by Pastry Shoes and Ford Driving Skills, on Saturday, January 11th. Stars Jessica Jarrel, Olivia Holt, Amber Montana, Austin Mahone, Zendaya, and more mingled in the SLS Hotel Garden Terrace in Los Angeles, Calif.

Guests were presented with the video premiere of “Glitter,” co-written and performed by Coco Jones and Katy Armiger. As Pastry girls, they act as ambassadors for the sneaker and lifestyle brand. The video commemorates the 1U campaign’s mission to empower girls and encourage them to share their voices with confidence.

The night was complete with the stars munching on hor d’oeuvres, enjoying custom beverages, posing in a photo booth, and dancing along to the catchy tunes blaring in the terrace.

Celebrity Teen Scoop was able to exclusively talk with Coco Jones, Olivia Holt, Jessica Jarrel, Amber Montana, Dylan Riley Snider, and Tyler James Williams. Read their interviews after the break. 

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Imani Hakim: “Gabrielle Is A Total Sweetheart”

Imani Hakim, best known for her role as Tonya on Everybody Hates Chris, has been cast to share the role of inspiring gymnast Gabby Douglas in an upcoming Lifetime Original Movie: The Gabby Douglas Story which will premier February 1st to kick off Black History Month.  The story will follow the true story of Gabby’s amazing endurance to overcome all odds to become the world’s first African-American gymnast to claim the Individual All-round Champion at the Olympics. Imani recently sat down with Celebrity Teen Scoop to discuss what it was like to play such an iconic member of the “Fierce Five”.

CTS:  You star as Olympian Gabby Douglas in her teen and young adult years in the Lifetime Original Movie, The Gabby Douglas Story. Those are some big shoes to fill. How did you get into character?

IH: I studied, As soon as I found out about them casting for the role I began to research. I didn’t even have the audition yet, but I knew it was coming. I spent all of my free time looking up Gabby Douglas videos. After finally booking the role, I CONTINUED to study haha, but shortly after I was given Gabrielle’s phone number along with her mother’s so any questions I had they were a text and phone call away.

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Sydney Mikayla: “Working With Gabby Douglas Was An Amazing Experience”

Whitney actress Sydney Mikayla has been cast to play the young Gabby Douglas in an upcoming Lifetime Original Movie: The Gabby Douglas Story which will premier February 1st to kick off Black History Month.  The story will depict the real life account of Gabby’s sacrifice to leave home and family and train in Iowa to realize her dream of Olympic gold. Sydney recently chatted with Celebrity Teen Scoop to discuss what it was like to play one of the world’s greatest gymnasts.

CTS: You are set to star as Olympic phenomenon Gabby Douglas in her childhood in the Lifetime Original Movie, The Gabby Douglas Story. Tell us about the movie and your role.  How were you cast for the part?

SM:This movie is basically about Gabby’s life and tells her story. It shows where she came from and all she went through to get to the Olympics. I play the young version of Gabby. I’m really excited about it because she’s a lot like me in a way. It was definitely fun being in the gym and really seeing how she became an Olympian.

When I first auditioned I went in and saw the casting director. Before I went into the room I saw her holding up 2 pictures of other girls who I think they were seeing for the part. I thought she was saying how good they were and that they were probably in the running to get it, so of course I was really nervous. After my first audition I felt good, but I thought I could do better. So I was really glad I got a callback. At the callback they surprised me and gave me some lines that I had never even gone over before, so I was super, super nervous. When I went in to read the director said I did a great job. They were surprised that I had just gotten some of the lines a few minutes before. When I came out of the audition my mom and I were just jumping up and down because even if I didn’t get the part I was just so excited that they said good things about me and I felt great about my audition. But I did get it in the end, so I was really happy.

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