One Direction Loves American Girls!

These 5 super cute guys from the British-Irish band  One Direction – a huge sensation in the UK spoke to and dished on Big Time Rush, Justin Bieber, American girls and their ideal girl.

On Why American Fans Will Love Your Album:
“I think what the American fans will like about our album is it’s quite fun and everyone in America seems really fun. I think it’s the kind album you can put on in a party, you know?”

On Their Favorite Thing About America:
“The passion for being American is pretty good. Everyone in America is so proud to be an American. The food’s good, the weather’s good. Everyone’s really polite, everyone’s always really happy. In America, whatever you need, you can get it. Places that don’t deliver in the UK deliver in America. American girls are beautiful. They’re really hot. Their accents are hot.”

On What Other Teen Acts Would You Love To Collaborate With:
“Bruno Mars. Great songs, great stage presence, an unbelievable performer. His vocal is absolutely flawless.”

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