Daniel Radcliffe: “I’m Kind Of The Broodiest Young Man In The World”

Daniel Radcliffe says he wants children. The 22-year-old British actor tells Bullett Media his dream of fatherhood, not hanging out at clubs as much and mourning his childhood.

He said, “To be honest, I’m kind of the broodiest young man in the world. I want kids. They’re just so much more honest and funnier than anyone else. And we watch the same TV.”

He also added how he misses his childhood years.

“[The adultification of today’s children is] f—— tragic — the fact that kids want to wear designer labels? I didn’t give a f— about that. My parents were just trying to get me to not eat insects when I was 9. I didn’t know what the f— All Saints was. When did kids stop eating mud? The whole point of being a kid is that you get to do s— you can’t do when you’re an adult. It’s downhill from here. I’m 22 now and I realize that my best years are behind me.”

Having performed on Broadway and now in The Woman In Black – he admits he was sad when the Harry Potter movies ended.

He said, “I hadn’t thought that I’d be sad at all when it came to finishing the films, but then it happened and I was weeping. When you’re doing something for that long with the same people, you kind of start thinking, ‘God, can I do anything else?’”

Dating Rosie Coker had made him stay at home more. They met when she was the production assistant on the last Potter film.

He shares, “I have such a nice, happy life now. I don’t go out all that often, especially to bars and clubs, just because it’s no longer as much fun for me. I like to stay at home with my girlfriend. We have a lovely time just with each other.”



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