One Direction Takes Canada By Storm

First France, now Canada – the boys of One Direction are causing a frenzy wherever they go. Similar to the havoc the boys caused at a Paris train station last week, Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn made an appearance on New Music Live at Much Music headquarters in Toronto on Monday (February 27) and the fans went wild.

According to the UK publication the Daily Mail, Canadian officials were forced to shut down the street outside the Much Music studios as thousands of fans gathered, and one girl was so overcome at One Direction‘s arrival she fainted and had to be carried away.

After the band made it through the throngs of screaming girls inside, they managed to answer a few questions. When asked what their lives were like before all the fan adulation started, Louis replied: “I was still at school. My mum was still doing all my ironing and cooking all my food. Just a normal boy.”

Later on in the evening after their appearance, Niall seemed both overwhelmed and grateful for the outpouring of support. “Omg, @muchmusic was crazzzzzyy, the maddest its been,” he tweeted. “sorry we couldn’t stay longer, it was just soo crazy, thanks for having us!”


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