Are Lily Collins & Kristen Stewart Feuding?

Are Lily Collins and Kristen Stewart fighting over who is the fairest of them all?

The two actresses are starring in separate upcoming versions of the classic Snow White story – Kristen stars in Snow White and the Huntsman while Lily plays the fair princess in Mirror, Mirror.

And of course, this being Hollywood, there’s talk of behind-the-scenes rivalries bubbling to the surface.

But Lily says there’s no poison apple in this equation.

“We’ve laughed about the fact that people think we’re rivals because to us they’re so different,” Lily told E! Online. “I think the advertising is kind of genius because both films are being shown in this different way because they are such different stories.”

In fact, it sounds like the two Snow Whites are looking forward to seeing each other on the big screen. “I’ve seen the trailers, I’m very aware of the other one. We’ve always been aware of each other and I’m excited to see what Kristen does…I’m excited for her and vice versa.”

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