Josh Hutcherson Covers Teen Vogue

Josh Hutcherson appears on the cover of April’s issue of Teen Vogue and the Hunger Games actor is looking dashing and dapper as he poses for an old-Hollywood style photo shoot.

Inside, the 19-year-old actor talks about nabbing the his starring role as Peeta in the wildly-anticipated The Hunger Games, being homeschooled, and a less-than-exciting prom experience.

“When I got the call that I got the role as Peeta I was literally speechless,” Josh recalls. “In that moment I was shocked, amazed and honestly it didn’t really sink in until I was on set for the first time, when I was finally like oh-my-god here I am with blonde hair in my get up. That was a huge moment for me.”

High school prom was definitely a less-than-huge moment. “I went to a home-school prom, which is about exciting as it sounds,” he laughed. “It was with a bunch of home-school kids in Kentucky. We went to the local church and stood awkwardly while they played music. That was the extent of that.”

Check out this video for a behind-the-scenes look at the Teen Vogue shoot:

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