Four ‘Hunger Games’ Girls Cover ‘Girl’s Life’

Let The Hunger Games begin! As fans wait anxiously for the film to open, Girl’s Life magazine gives starlets Isabelle Fuhrman, Amandla Stenberg, Jacqueline Emerson and Willow Shields their own covers for their April/May 2012 issue. 

Isabelle (Clove), Amandla (Rue), Willow {Primrose) and Jacqueline (Foxface) pose for the ‘Hunger Games Collector Cover’ series of the magazine, and inside give fans a peek into their personal lives.

Josh Hutcherson dishes on Amandla: “She is more mature than most of the other tributes—including myself. I swear she is a 25-year-old trapped in a 10-year-old’s body.”

Isabelle reveals her mom’s advice: “Whenever I get upset or don’t get something that I really wanted, my mom will be like, ‘You know you can’t stop because that’s just going to make everyone else around you win.’”

Amandla gushes about Jackie: “Just being around her bubbly energy makes you feel 10 times better if you’re having a bad day.”

Willow confesses to sibling rivalry: “Sometimes my sister gets a callback and I’m bummed out. But, you know, we each get roles. Being supportive of each other is definitely the big thing.”

‘The Hunger Games Collector Covers’ of Girls’ Life will hit the newsstands on March 13th!

Photos: Girl’s Life Magazine

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  1. Tristan McErlean

    I’ll the Isabelle Fuhrman. Shes hot as hell

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