The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Stars Dish On Their Teenage Lies

Shay Mitchell, 24, and her Pretty Little Liars co-stars Lucy Hale, 22, Ashley Benson, 22, and Sasha Pieterse, 16,  recently spoke to Bullett Media about their teenage lies and how they can relate to the show’s characters.

Mitchell said, “I was the queen of lying about where I was. I would be at a party, but as soon as my parents called, I would run out into the quietest part of the forest or wherever and be like, Hi! I’m just at home. Huh? I’m so tired, going to bed.”

Hale admitted, “I definitely used to lie about my age. I’m from Tennessee and everyone would vacation in Destin, Florida, where there are lots of cute guys. I would go with my older sister and lie about my age to them.”

Benson shared, “Well, I had a really hot math teacher in seventh grade—he was also a lifeguard—so I can relate to Aria’s character. [Laughs.] I think the writers have done a really good job steering clear of controversy. Aria and Ezra have never had sex, they just have this really wholesome relationship that you can’t help but root for.”

Pieterse – the youngest of the cast added, “Being a teenager is such a sensitive time—you are always trying to prove yourself. You’re constantly telling little white lies because you are always trying to make yourself seem better and more appealing to people.”

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