Robert Pattinson: Sex Scene With Kristen Stewart Was Scary

Robert Pattinson has said his sex scene with Kristen Stewart was “scary”.

In an interview with Britain’s Reveal magazine – the 25-year-old actor talks about the raunchy scene he had with his girlfriend on the set of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

He explained, “I’ve never done a sex scene where it’s kind of scary because you think something is going to fall on you! There was a whole stunt set up with three guys, who do all the explosions and things, all lying under the bed. I spent the whole time looking at them for a signal. It was funny, though!”

Robert also said that when he brings Kristen to the UK – she’s surprised that people there go to the pub during their lunchtime.

“I probably spend more time in the UK than Los Angeles, but I’ve been so busy traveling with work that I don’t really know where I’m going to be based full-time yet. She’s always amazed by the fact that it is totally acceptable to go to a pub at lunchtime over here. I don’t even do that.”

Regarding his movie roles – they are broadening as in the case of Cosmopolis.

He shares, “I used to not care about what anyone thought about anything. Now I’m forced into thinking about things if I want to have a career. Maybe it’s because I’m older.

“I used to be a little bit wilder, but it’s difficult to do that now. I used to want to do the craziest things, as I had no understanding that I had an audience. All I wanted to do was weird stuff, but it’s different now – people have an expectation. You have to think about things objectively.”

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