Cody Simpson Covers Jack Johnson’s ‘Taylor’

Cody Simpson knows what his fans love – and that would be more Cody Simpson. The singer just posted this video, an acoustic cover of Jack Johnson’s ‘Taylor’ that was filmed in his bedroom. He tweeted a tease out to his Twitter followers after he finished recording:

”posting a chill Jack Johnson cover from my bedroom real soon. Reminds me of how it all started! Stay tuned. #Taylor.”

Earlier this month Cody posted a video of himself playing a ukelele and doing a cover of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow,’ and last month there was that acoustic sound-check version of ‘So Listen.’

Could there be a whole album of acoustic songs from the Australian superstar coming soon? There are those rumors that the 15-year-old is set to team up with Justin Bieber, so maybe an entire set of Cody/Justin collaborations recorded in Cody’s living room is on the way.  Stay tuned.

Here’s Cody performing Jack Johnson’s ‘Taylor’:

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