Victoria Justice: “I’m Still Trying To Figure Out This Whole Dating Thing”

Victoria Justice is riding high on the success of her show Victorious and is up for Favorite TV Actress at the Kids’ Choice Awards. She’s also working on her debut album and has a new film coming out called Fun Size.

In an interview in Parade –  the 19-year-old tells more in detail her thoughts on dating, music, and acting.

On whether she would rather date someone famous or not: “I’m still trying to figure out this whole dating while being in the industry thing out. It seems very complicated. I think there are pros and cons to both. If they are in the industry, they will be more understanding of the crazy schedule and the hours and working a lot. But then there is also the downside where if they are working a lot too, when do you get to see each other? Constantly traveling and missing each other — that could be really difficult too. If they’re not in the industry, you can spend more time with them. But as long as you are with the right person it obviously doesn’t matter.”

On her celebrity crush: “I think talent makes me really attracted to someone more than anything. Like Chris Martin from Coldplay. I find him so attractive since he has so much onstage charisma and is so natural. I love it.”

On writing music for her debut album: “I’ve been writing music whenever I have free time, like on weekends. Whenever there is a moment available. I’m working on that right now but I’m really taking my time. I just want it to be the best it can be obviously and I don’t want to rush it. I’ve written a bunch of songs now and I can’t wait for people to hear my music. I have a few girl anthems, empowering ones. Those are really cool. Some mid-tempo, kind of sweet and romantic and fun. There are so many different types of songs and I write about anything and everything. I’m just flushing out as many ideas as possible.”

On working on Fun Size: “It was incredible. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It was a summer I will never forget in Cleveland, Ohio, one of the most humid places on earth. I am so scared to see this movie since it was so hot the entire time we were filming and I feel like we’re going to look so sweaty. It was amazing and I am so honored they believed in me to put me in the lead role. It’s a huge opportunity and I am really excited to show people a new side of me and introduce myself to other people outside of the world I am in now.”

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