Nick Jonas: I’m Open To A ‘Glee’ Opportunity

Nick Jonas recently took time off his schedule on Broadway’s How To Success In Business Without Really Trying to answer fan questions at MTV.

The 19-year-old revealed there are times things don’t go so smoothly while on stage.

He said, “In my first week, I was still getting comfortable, obviously. On the last show of the week, I completely lost my place in the middle of one of my big lines and, luckily, a cast mate helped me out … but I completely lost it. A couple days later, too, one of the guys, there’s this big dance number and they do this handstand thing, and he basically had so much momentum going forward that he flipped off the stage into the orchestra pit. And I’m up on this top tier supposed to be watching a TV of what’s happening. It was crazy.He was OK, thankfully; it was pretty frightening.”

Nick says he would love to be on Glee.

“Definitely would consider it. I feel like “Smash” is sort of my statement in that [TV] world, and I really enjoyed that experience. And if there was a “Glee” opportunity, I would be really open to it. There hasn’t been yet, and that’s cool. So it’s all a matter if they wanted to have me. I’d be totally open to it.”

Asked if there will be more dancing on the next Jonas Brothers tour he said there could be.

He shared, “I was thinking about that the other day. If there was a performance setting, like an award show, and there was a song that we had that lent itself to this kind of dancing. I don’t see myself doing hip-hop dancing, but more theatrical-leaning dancing. I love to dance now, which is an odd thing because I didn’t before. But now I enjoy it.”

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