Robert Pattinson Woos Three Women In ‘Bel Ami’

The U.S. trailer for Robert Pattinson’s new movie Bel Ami can now be watched!

Robert plays Georges Duroy in the period drama about a penniless soldier in late 19th century France who seduces a series of women to help him climb to the top of French society. Based on Guy de Maupassant’s 1885 novel, the story is juicy.

Kristen Scott Thomas, Christina Ricci and Uma Thurman all get bedded by the Twilight hunk.

Thurman’s character says, “The most important people in Paris are not the men, but their wives.”

You also see that Ricci’s character really falls for him. In one scene Duroy asks her, “Why do you come back?”

Hmm…maybe because you’re Robert Pattinson?

Take note, Bel Ami comes out in theaters on June 8.

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