Selena Gomez Is Going To ‘Getaway’

Selena Gomez is ready for a Getaway! The actress just finished filming Spring Breakers with pals Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson, and now she’s off to Bulgaria to begin work on her next movie – The Getaway with Ethan Hawke.

In a recent interview the 19-year-old dished on the movie and something fans have been waiting for – her next album. “It’s really, really exciting,” Selena said. “I go to Bulgaria and then I start filming. It’s more of an action movie, which is also different. So we’re doing that and then hopefully another movie, but that hasn’t really been confirmed yet. Then I’ll start working on my fourth album, which will be the best album I’ll ever do! But I’m just kind of halting music for a bit.”

The ‘Who Says’ singer talked about her decision to concentrate on her acting career. “[I’ve] been really focused on more acting. For me it’s been fun to take risks and do things that are completely different. To be honest maybe some of you guys might not be comfortable with it…I’m still the same person. Things that challenge me really excite me.”

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  4. Doggard87

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