Josh Hutcherson: Not-So-Casual Day In L.A.

Josh Hutcherson was spotted as he spent a relaxing day out and about in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday (April 12). And by ‘relaxing’ I mean being accompanied by a bodyguard because hoards of photographers are chasing you down and breathing down your neck to get a shot of you.

But the Hunger Games star seems to take it in stride and in a recent interview said that in spite of the loss of privacy, he’s thankful for his newfound fame “It’s totally worth it,” Josh said. “ I love my job more than anything in the world and I could never imagine doing anything else.

The 19-year-old actor seems most surprised by the zeal of his fans. “Last night’s mall event was crazy,” he said, talking about appearance that had taken place the night before in Dallas. “There were 3,000 people there. They had been there for hours and they were screaming at a level where your ears could no longer process the sound. I couldn’t quite get my brain around what was happening. It was so surreal.”


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  1. Kristen Vianey Castillo

    Hi my name is Kristen. I just want to say that Josh Hutcherson is the most talented person in the world. I love all his movies, even the younger years. I love him so much I would do anything to met him, or almost anything.
    Love, Kristen<3:)


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