Harry Styles Has A New Aussie Friend

One Direction is taking Australia by storm, making new friends and fans everywhere they go. And that goes for the furry, portable kind, too. Harry Styles posted this pic of himself on Twitter cuddling with the latest 1D fan. Alongside the caption simply said:


Everyone say Awwwwwww.

Harry has been making news lately and not just for his ability to hug marsupials. Known for preferring older women – the 18-year-old recently dated 32-year-old TV host Caroline Flack – he’s been trying his luck with the Aussie women, too. Last week it was reported that Harry asked out a 25-year-old TV reporter – who is engaged.  Ellie Halliwell says she was surprised after the boy bander asked for her phone number.

“I did notice during my Wednesday interview with the band that Styles was staring at me, but I was surprised and flattered when a member of the publicity team rang me to ask if Harry could have my number,” the journalist said.

“I turned down Harry Styles, not because I didn’t like the 18-year-old singer, but because I’m 25 and engaged to be married,” she added. “I don’t know whether Harry had noticed the diamond ring on my finger and chosen to ignore it or whether – and this is more likely – he’s an 18-year-old boy who’s not highly attuned to things like that.”

As for rumors that he was dating someone closer to his own age – 22-year-old singer Taylor Swift – Harry would only say, “We met in America, and she’s very nice.”

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