Matt Bennett Reveals His Dreams For Utopia

VictoriousMatt Bennett has revealed his vision of an ideal world that has one website wondering if he’s the next Walt Disney. I tend to think he’s the next Andy Samberg, but what do I know. Here’s what Matt had to say on Twitter last night. See, he’s waaay funnier than Walt.

“I sometimes like to dream that somewhere, in some quiet villa, there is a movie theater that has never stopped showing Air Bud since 1997. And next to the movie theater is a Discovery Zone that even adults can play in.”

The 20-year-old is gaining quite a reputation as a stand-up comedian, and his local shows in Los Angeles have been a big draw of Matt’s friends and celebrities, including iCarly‘s Jennette McCurdy. (How do I know this? My daughter sat next to her at the show.)

But Matt still finds time to give back, as evidenced by this video about car safety that he and co-star Ariana Grande made on the set of Victorious. Check it out!

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