Kendall Jenner Tweets From Her Photoshoot

It’s a working day for Kendall Jenner, but the model/actress took a break to tweet a photo to her fans to give them a sneak-peek at what she was shooting with her sister Kylie. Looks like the 16-year-old is decked out for summer in a floral shorts-and-midriff set and sparkly stilettos. Judging by the devil-horns I’d guess there was some hard rock blaring in the background.

Kendall doesn’t say what the photoshoot was for, but it may be related to her new position – along with Kylie – on the staff of Seventeen magazine.

A few weeks ago she announced the new gig on her blog: “Am sooo excited to announce that Kylie and I are the new west coast fashion contributors for Seventeen Magazine!

“People always ask us for fashion and beauty tips, and now we can share them directly with readers. It’s really exciting for us! Our first piece will debut in the mag’s June/July issue and we can’t wait to show you guys!!”

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