Joe & Nick Jonas: Recording In NYC

The Jonas Brothers have been working on their new music and Joe Jonas posted a photo to prove it. On Tuesday (May 15) he Tweeted: “Nick J slapping Da bass”

He also added, “Rainy day in NYC. Perfect to be in the studio all day”

Talking recently to MTV – he mentioned what he, Nick and Kevin have been up to.

He explained, “It’s an exciting chapter for us. It’s almost as if starting over. For us, we’ve been in this position once before, years ago, and then great things happened really fast for us. So now, as we’re all adults and it’s been like two years since we worked together — we’ve all done individual projects, solo projects, movie projects — now it’s kind of like, ‘We’re here together. Let’s create”.

With Nick finishing up the Broadway show – How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying – and Kevin starting his own reality show Married to Jonas – Joe is optimistic on their project.

“It’s really exciting. So, we’ve been in the studio in Nick’s apartment for two months now, and we finally found [it] ’cause we’ve been trying different sounds and different things. And it’s great because we can do whatever we want. There’s nobody else in there. We can kind of do our own thing, and it’s really exciting to see the fans that have been around for so many years still excited and also the fans that we’ve been able to bring, the new fans. There’s all these different inspirations for us.”

Revealing that he would love to work with Bruno Mars – the guys are open to bringing in talent.

He said, “We want to bring in other songwriters and producers and people we’ve never worked with before.”

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Photo credit: Joe Jonas Twitter


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  1. Caitlin

    Nick Jonas will also be in NYC this Sunday for the AIDS Walk! link to

  2. Amanda

    I am definitely waitin 2 see wat it wil sound like.

  3. Barbara

    Sooo excited that the Jonas Brothers are recording together again. Can’t wait for their new CD!


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