TMI: Niall Horan’s Dad Tells-All About His Son’s Personal Life

Hate it when your parents talk about you to your friends? Well, multiply that times ten to get an idea of how Niall Horan must be feeling. The One Direction singer’s dad Bobby Horan gave an interview to a UK magazine and discussed everything from Niall’s romantic life to his son’s…virginity. Ouch.

When asked about his son’s love life by the British publication Heat, the Irish butcher revealed that Niall had never had a girlfriend because he has feelings for a girl from his hometown. “There’s a local girl that Niall loves. I know he thinks of her as his sweetheart,” Bobby said. “She’s very attractive and they’re close, but I don’t know whether he’s made any advances on her yet.

“She would stand her ground with any of these beautiful celebrities,” he continued. “She’s a brunette with big brown eyes and pale skin like Niall’s. She’s from the town, but the other end to us and I always knew Niall has big feelings for her”.

And just when you were hoping he wouldn’t go there, Bobby went on to speculate whether or not Niall was a virgin. “He never really brought girls home,” he started. “He had some girls that were friends and they would all sit on the wall outside together, but that was all. He went to an all-boys’ school so it was hard to meet girls, but that’s certainly changed now.

“I don’t believe he’s a virgin. I couldn’t say. I wasn’t in the house all the time, so I don’t really know what went on when I wasn’t there.”

How much you want to bet Niall has now banned his dad from talking to the press?

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